Life Coaching Package

Throughout this whole experience, you have become much more than a valuable resource-- you have become a true friend. Wherever I end up, I will be using the skills you taught me to sort through life decisions, and for that,

 I can't thank you enough! 


(As a result of coaching with Margaret) 

I realize I have more choices now than I originally  believed. I can look at life with "new" eyes. By working through difficulties, I can have a new sense of satisfaction rather than running away to avoid feeling uncomfortable and ultimately feeling defeated.

-- Adult midlife

Teen Coaching and Tutoring

Today I want to thank you for helping mold me to be the person I am today. You have taught me academic success and have opened my mind to the world. One of the greatest concepts you have taught me was how to work efficiently and how to find the correct knowledge enhancement strategies. You have helped to teach me to be the well-rounded person I am today.

--High school senior

My daughter has become more confident, and organized, and her grades have improved dramatically. Thank you! 


You helped me have a better relationship with my child! 

-- Parent

How did I get to be so smart? 

--High school senior

Life Coaching with Essential Oils

(When Margaret and I began coaching)

I needed guidance in living a more action driven life.  I had hidden traumas that were blocking me from progressing in my life.  Through life coaching I was able to work through those blocks, set attainable goals, and learn to adjust my perspective in a positive way. Overall, together we uncovered past traumas that I did not realize I was holding onto in my present. I struggled with memories of my childhood and through the help of AFT, a service Margaret specializes in, I was able to access those memories.  My time in life coaching was invaluable to my growth and current success. The environment is safe and warm. I moved through my sessions at my own pace sharing as little or as much as needed. I would highly recommend life coaching sessions with Margaret. 

-- Twenty-something 

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Sessions

Through an AFT session with Margaret, I was able to unload a huge block in my psyche that had me unable to receive anything good connected to my dreams and career goals. This session with her had me grow up--I mean really take a leap forward--in minutes, just by smelling some oils, and being guided through the process by Margaret’s insight into what I was really feeling and experiencing.   I’m a new fan and I’m so happy I can look to her for guidance in getting past my ghosts and obstacles. Margaret's services are recommended, to ALL, without reservation! 

-- Adult midlife