Artist and Inspirational Writer

  I have been writing for a lifetime.


In 1999 some of my writings became known as “Monkeyminders: Loving Thoughts to Still the Monkey in Your Mind." Messages printed on little cards, Monkeyminders have found their way into the hands and hearts of friends and strangers, often very serendipitously.

In the fall of 2007, while recovering from a foot injury, I started what I now call ‘Intuitive Painting.” Many of these paintings have words in them and most of them have Monkeyminder messages associated with them. 

Since then, my images and words have also been sold as prints, greeting cards, bookmarks, journals, t-shirts, silk scarves, and books.

In 2010, I began hand painting silk scarves. My work, often described as full of color, energy, and inspiration, has jumped to a new level of brightness and energy through these scarves.  Later that year, 4 of my scarf designs were made into reproductions on satin silk. The end product is larger and heavier weighted silk which adds more vibrancy and luster to the scarves. 

The year 2011 was a year for publishing. It is Time, originally published in 2010 in spiral bound, is now a beautiful, full-color hardback edition. The Book of Monkeyminders is available on Amazon: Both books along with my current works are available on Etsy

300 paintings and 200 silk pieces later, I continue to explore different ways to bring positive energy to fabric. My most recent interest is in customizing Blessing Wraps. Whether for babies or for someone in need of support, these blankets wrap the recipient in a message of Original Blessing.

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Learn more about my art process and see a broader picture of my artwork, visit


s The following images maybe available as originals, note cards, postcards, bookmarks, and prints. Some are posted in my Etsy store. Others will be posted soon. If you are intereted in a particular image and product,  check with me

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Hand painted Silk Scarves

Pink Ribbon hand-painted silk scarf

Over 200 original silk pieces sold. To see the process behind some of them, visit

The Book of Monkeyminders

The Book of Monkeyminders, Loving Thoughts to Still the Monkey in Your Mind, by Margaret L. Clay

 To me, Monkeyminders are simple, profound reminders of Universal Truths and Guidance. They inspire, uplift and support my soul’s growth. --Sue


Whimsical moments of inspiration!

Snippets of hope, passion, and love. A joy to read and a joy to experience. --Deborah

 When I need a lift, an answer to a question or words of encouragements I go to Monkeyminders flip the page and always find the guidance needed. Margaret's words I believe come from a place of love, kindness and joy. ---Karen 

It is Time

It Is Time, an inspirational gift book by Margaret L. Clay

 Delving into MonkeyMinders or It Is Time is like reuniting with a dear friend: your inner-child you may have missed lately. Guaranteed to bring a smile, and you can pass it on. --Ellie

Art with Messages

Spirit Dance, by Margaret L. Clay

 This piece is really powerful as well as beautiful. The painting grabbed me hard and fast on several levels. The colors are so vibrant and the "structure,"   content and maybe even part of the"message" are both intriguing and comforting. But, more than anything, the energy and transformative motion, expression and even *joy* that I saw resonated with my own efforts to make  sense and order out of, what feels to me, like the chaos of my own anxiety," --Melanie

Personalized Blankets with a Blessing


 I just thought you’d like to know that Henry LOVES his blanket!! Even the days that it’s been waaay too hot for a blanket he insists on having it in his bed. And anytime he sees handwritten letters in black (like what’s on the border of his blanket) he says “hey look that’s like my blankey!” Thanks so much for making him such a sweet gift. . Haley